Ellen Arteca

arteca.e [at] northeastern [dot] edu


This summer 2022 I am a software engineering intern with the Android Rust (Android Security) team at Google, where I’m working on extending MIRI with C FFI support. This project is an open source development! Follow along at emarteca/miri.

During the year, I’m a PhD candidate at Northeastern University, where I’m a part of the Programming Languages lab working with my advisor Frank Tip. For my PhD thesis work, I’ve been applying program analysis to large codebases, and amalgamating the results of these analyses to learn more than can be inferred from a single program. This is particularly relevant to JavaScript, a highly dynamic language with features that limits what can be learned with traditional program analysis. I’ve worked on inferring bug patterns in event listener registrations and object property accesses, and on building/seeding feedback-directed test generators for JavaScript. I’ve also built a tool for automating the mining of dynamic metadata in npm packages.


I’ve done a couple other internships: summer 2021 I worked with the Automated Reasoning Group at AWS Amazon on a dataflow framework for SMT queries in Rust (open sourced: awslabs/rust-smt-ir/amzn-smt-string-transformer), and summer 2019 I worked with GitHub (Semmle), on the JavaScript analysis package of the CodeQL language.

Prior to this, I did my masters at the University of Waterloo in the Programming Languages group, where I worked with my advisor Gregor Richards on a technique for fast gradual typing using the virtual machine. My undergraduate was at Laurentian University, where my research was in computational ecology, in fruit fly population modelling (there was a time where I didn’t work on programming languages!).

Feel free to email and say hi!