Ellen Arteca

arteca.e [at] northeastern [dot] edu


During the year, I’m a PhD student at Northeastern University, where I’m a part of the Programming Languages lab working with my advisor Frank Tip. My PhD work has been focused on program analysis (mostly static) of JavaScript for optimization/refactoring/test generation. I’ve also recently started working on a tool for automatic analysis of npm packages.

This past summer 2021 I was an applied science intern with the Automated Reasoning Group at AWS Amazon, where I worked on a dataflow framework for SMT queries in Rust, so we could generate equisatisfiable queries with all string literals anonymized. This project is open sourced! Check it out at awslabs/rust-smt-ir/amzn-smt-string-transformer.

In summer 2019 I was a reseach engineering intern at GitHub (Semmle), where I was working on the JavaScript analysis package of the CodeQL language.

Prior to this, I did my masters at the University of Waterloo in the Programming Languages group, where I worked with my advisor Gregor Richards on a technique for fast gradual typing using the virtual machine. My undergraduate was at Laurentian University, where my research was in computational ecology, in fruit fly population modelling (there was a time where I didn’t work on programming languages!).

Feel free to email me.