I’ve done a few internships during my PhD, all of which resulted in some cool open-source work!

Google – Summer 2022

I was a software engineering intern with the Android Rust (Android Security) team at Google, where I worked on extending Miri with C FFI support.

This project is an ongoing open source project! Check out the full design doc, which describes the changes to Miri (and corresponding additions to the Rust compiler). The design doc has a list of links to PRs.

Amazon Web Services – Summer 2021

I was an applied science intern with the Automated Reasoning Group at AWS (Amazon). There I built a dataflow framework for SMT queries in Rust, which is also open sourced: awslabs/rust-smt-ir-examples/amzn-smt-string-transformer.

GitHub (Semmle) – Summer 2019

I was a research engineer intern with GitHub (Semmle), working on the JavaScript analysis package of the CodeQL language. This internship resulted in a cool research paper – the code and experiments replication package is also open sourced.